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Popeye Family Picnic

I never post here. I don't even think anyone follows me here.  My focus is usually here- http://nuttallart.blogspot.com
I'm currently trying to focus on my art career, but we've had sick kids and my wife and I have been sick lately, so I haven't done much of anything. I'm still hoping to continue my POPEYE drawing and painting series,and my Jack Nicholson series. I have an art dealer interested in seeing me do some figurative work, so I've got a couple paintings and drawings started. I've also entered a self portrait contest, but I don't think there's going to be anything coming from that.  
  I want to get some studio space, but my commission work hasn't been coming in and I haven't been selling any work, so the studio has to be on hold even longer. 
  I've also become a hermit. I NEVER want to leave the house! The only reason I want to leave the house is to get COMICS! But,  te closest place to get comics is 45 minutes away and it's hard to sneak away from the wife and kids, plus I have no money for it., but I  AM JONESIN' for comic books!
Below and above are my pieces for my Popeye series

Wimpy and PopeyeThis is the first oil painting of the Popeye series. I decided to combine my portrait work with my love of Popeye and am creating portraits from the 1980 Popeye movie, which in 2010 celebrates its 30th anniversary. Paul Dooley portrayed Wimpy and Robin Williams was Popeye.

Popeye vs. Bluto
This is my first  graphite drawing for my Popeye series

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This year is the 80th anniversary of Popeye's first appearance in Thimble Theater comic strip in 1929.  Popeye is, without a doubt, an iconic character whose cartoons and stories have had an historical mark in the entertainment industry.  And yet, there is nothing to show for it. 
I would like to see a comic book done again of Popeye.  I, myself, would LOVE to draw a couple versions, but my writing, inking and coloring is a little lacking. Plus, I am not a "name" in the comic industry, and King Features Syndicate has a stranglehold on the Popeye name.  If a reputable comic creator were to approach KFS, they might be willing to allow a book to be made. 
Below is a link to some first sketches I did of Popeye as a more non-cartoony character, but not  a dark and gritty version.

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I know I NEVER write here, and I hope to change that. 

Last Saturday, I engaged in an art battle called "Art de Combat 2" at the Enchante Gallery in my hometown of West Branch, Michigan.  It's a 3 hour competition between artists of different varieties creating work in 3 hours and earning a cash prize, and possibly sell their piece in a silent auction.   A gent named Josh Jurgess filmed a small...well...film...of the event.  I've grown accustomed to drawing or painting in public, with people asking questions and chatting.  I like it.  It might be my ego or just that I'm easy going, I dunno.  My wife would say it's the ego...
Here is a link below to the video Mr. Jurgess recorded. 

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